When a pastor falls

Welcome to a site designed to help both pastors and churches when a pastor falls.  My name is Mike.  I’m an associate pastor at a church in the Dallas, Texas area.  Several years ago we discovered that our senior pastor was having a relationship with another woman.  It has been an amazing odyssey- amazingly hard and an amazing blessing. 

After all we have gone through I wanted to share with other churches and pastors what we have experienced and hopefully help others who are unfortunate enough to go through the same thing in their churches.  I will try to address a number of issues and will also walk through some of the choices we made as we realized what had happened in our church family.

I invite your questions and will help in  any way I can if you find your church in this same situation.  You can survive it.  The church can become stronger through this ordeal, but you need to know from the beginning that your church will never be the same again, but God will see you through it all.

Ok, are you ready?  Let me share with you the path we have walked….

2 responses to “When a pastor falls

  1. Wow Mike! Big subject lots of theology on this journey. Great concept in ministering to other churches and staff. I will be looking forward to your next posts.

  2. I left you a comment on another post you did. However, this in this post you invited questions.

    Having been ordained into the ministry more than 30 years ago…I find myself being treated as an outsider (I explained this in my first comment to you)

    The “Word” declares to us that we ALL need to be under authority. This is exactly where the problem began in my former home “church”. The senior pastor removed himself from any oversight, from any other local churches…and declared us “Independant Non-Denominational”.

    We (my ex husband and I) were in Zimbabwe at the time I heard this. All I can say it was as if an explosion went off in my spirit. SOMETHING WAS TERRIBLY WRONG!

    My senior “pastor” knew of the abuse that was ongoing in my marriage…and due to this new ‘liberation theology’…to say it frightened me, is an understatement of vast proportions. Things were not right before…yet, I had no idea how badly things had become until we moved back to the USA permanently.

    Here I was back in the USA…an Ordained Minister of the Gospel…in an abusive marriage (that the “pastor” knew about) and he had absolutely NO oversight of any kind.

    To this day…I feel a horrible “loss” that I cannot adequately describe…there simply aren’t the words. What can I do now? Due to the divorce…they ‘pulled’ my credentials…although my ex still has his. I no longer go there, yet, they still sell my teaching CD’s and use my teaching material in there Sunday School classes….but I am not welcome…I’m divorced!

    I mentioned in an earlier comment that a post I did called…Heartbreak At The Hands of The “Church”….explains more than I could in this one comment.

    …I’m still at a loss as to what to do with all this

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