The scars are deeper than you think

It was something I never thought about- the difference between men and women in a time like this.  I didn’t realize how deep the scars would be and how long it would take to heal.  For the men it was a short healing process.  Most men know what a sinful man’s potential is, and so their response was something like this, “Well, we all have that potential.  This is too bad.  I’m sorry he fell, ok let’s get on with it….”  And off they go, ready to look ahead.

Women don’t deal with things the same way.  Many of them are still hurting almost 2 years after the earthquake.  They felt betrayed and lied to.  Some said, “if he can do this then how can I ever trust my husband?”  Other women were in counseling with our pastor, and had even deeper scars because of a broken trust.  The scars are deeper than you think they are.

When a shepherd falls the sheep are scattered, scared and hurt.  It will take time to heal.  It will take time to rebuild trust.  In our culture of conspiracy theories there are also the questions that arise, “who else knew? when did they know? were others covering this up?”  And so broken trust with the senior pastor makes it hard to trust ANY spiritual leader because there is that unasked question, “who can I really trust?”

Scars heal, but trust and recovery will take time.  It won’t happen in a year, and as we near the two year mark I’m aware that many in our body are still struggling with their hurts, scars and trust issues.  There is still unforgiveness that must be dealt with, but that will come.  Healing takes time.

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