Your church will change

Ok, here’s the good news…or rather the bad news….no, maybe it’s good news….wait, I’m not sure.  But here is the reality you must prepare for- your church WILL change. 

You will see good friends leave. 

You will see new people attend.

You will watch a new pastor come in who will be different.  Yes, I said it…he will be different.  He won’t be like the pastor you lost. 

Things will change.

It won’t feel the same. It won’t be comfortable for a while.  You may even wake up one Sunday morning and find that you don’t even want to go to church. 

You will “feel” different than you did before. 

The young adults in your church will be discouraged, disillusioned and angry.  You will have to help them, talk to them, pray for them. 

You will have to meet new people. People who don’t know the pain you have been through.

There will be sad faces for a long time….it’s hard to walk away from this kind of earthquake, especially when the former pastor has not repented.

You may even find that some of the other pastors in your church will leave as well.  Men you really like, but the price of this sin is just too much.  They are tired, hurt as well, and just ready to “start over” somewhere else.

Things will change.  Just know that there will be one who will never change- that’s God himself.  He will help your church through these dark days as you watch your church change.

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