Monthly Archives: October 2008

The ongoing life of a church

We have just passed the 2 year mark since discovering the sin and fall of our pastor.  Since that discovery he resigned, divorced his wife, married the other woman and is still living in our area.  His family is broken, but trying to live through all of the wreckage of this devastating sin. 

Our church has hired a new pastor who is much different, and is leading the church in a new direction.  Having been here through it all it’s very hard to make all the adjustments that an earthquake like this demands.  Change is the operative word!  Changing people, changing pastor, changing roles, a changing image and identity of the church.  When sin like this happens then everything changes…..

We are now coming into a time when new people come to our church and have no knowledge of what we have been through.  We are beginning to become the new church we will be.  The scars are still there…deeply buried, but still there.  Those who stayed are loving and gracious, but you can see that this trial has affected them as well.  Sin is a life changing event and it affects even those who did nothing wrong. 

What’s ahead?  That’s God’s work.  The challenge is to help those who have been through this with us to grow in their faith, and heal from the wounds.  That’s also our challenge as staff.  It’s often easy to forget that we too have been hurt, but we continue on and try to do the work of the church as normal.  Healing will take time, but I can see that God is working here….he has been working here….it’s his church, he will continue to work….He has a plan.