No one exempt

One of the deep dark secrets is that there is no pastor exempt from this sin, this temptation.  It would delight our enemy to bring this kind of demise to every pastor’s life.  Any man who thinks “it could never happen to me” is closer to a fall than he could even imagine.  Sin, temptation and the lure of attraction and attention are strong, deceptive and unrelenting in this work called ministry.  It’s an ever present risk for every pastor.

I deeply respect Billy Graham who early in ministry realized the potential for this sin and set strong boundaries for his life and ministry.  It was one of the wisest things he could have done.  Any pastor who will tell you that this will never happen in his life is challenging the enemy to bring that pretty little blonde by for counseling.

No one is exempt.  It’s the reality of our hearts, our natures.  Our pride will tempt us to sin and a fall before we even realize what has happened.  It’s a reality that has scared me throughout my ministry and one I’m keenly aware of.  Years ago one young lady in my church called my wife and told her, “I’m going to steal your husband from you.”  My sweet wife, knowing me well and how much I feared this kind of thing, replied, “Give it your best try, sweetie.”  But when she told me of the visit I was once more made aware of how the enemy works.

Watch yourself, men.  No one is exempt.  Set good boundaries, be careful.  Peter described it well, the enemy roams around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  Watch yourself.

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