One of the things that an affair does in a church is create confusion.  Before the affair the church family loved and trusted the pastor to guide them, share truth and the word of God with them.  After the affair those who looked to him for leadership are confused and wonder if they can ever trust anyone again!  It’s that confusion that the enemy uses to cause problems in the lives of those who are part of the church where a pastor has sinned.  The confusion sounds like this,  “If HE could sin how can I trust my husband to not do the same thing?”  or “How could a man who says he loves God do such a thing? Is my whole Christian life a lie?”

When an affair is revealed in a pastor’s life confusion, doubt, fear, disappointment and sin are the results in the church.  It’s catastrophic!  No wonder the enemy is so busy trying to destroy pastors in this way because it literally destroys the whole church and the faith of those in it.

“How could he do that?”

“Why did he fall, I thought he was a godly man.”

“Is this whole Christian faith a lie?”

“If this is how pastors act I will never go to church again!”

Confusion… suddenly a whole church family loses its direction and it will take years to recover.  We are just now, after almost 6 years , beginning to see new life and the fading of confusion.  Sins like this are much more destructive than I ever imagined!  Confusion…one of the enemies best weapons.

One response to “Confusion

  1. Our pastor came to the head deacon & told him to call the sheriffs department and then confessed to embezzling all the church’s funds. Then we get to watch the drama unfold. What I’m watching unfold is how people are making it about themselves. The pastor let me or us down and all the other comments that come with an anger that is self centered. I’m not surprised, our pastor is a man just like the rest of us. I’m not mad at him and I don’t see the issue to be money and betrayal like they are making it out to be. Pastor and his family should be our concern as far as I’m concerned. Everyone is making it about them. The pastor is Satan’s primary target. I’d like to ask these people how many prayed for pastor and his family on a daily basis. When the other pastor or deacons stand in front of the congregation and start crying about how hurt and let down they are. Am I missing something here but it’s not about them. I believe the Bibles tells us our first responsibility is restoring pastor back into the family of God not finding out why he took the money. I only ask why is because if he has another problem we need to help him with another issue.

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