Monthly Archives: July 2012

What about the wife?


What about the wife?  What happens to the pastor’s wife when he sins?  What happens to the family?  Sadly I have watched several families go through this terrible sin and the fall out is catastrophic to the church but especially to the home of the pastor.

I’m corresponding with one pastor’s wife now who is recovering (if that’s really possible) from her husband’s affair.  Her husband, the pastor, left the church and her for the other woman.  The destruction to the church and the family is more than a pastor will know.  This pastor has hardened his heart (you have to harden your heart to sin in this way) and is living with “the other woman.”  He has “moved on”…..whatever that means.  And now this wife of a pastor is picking up the pieces and not only starting over but trying to redefine her life.  Who is she now?  What is her role?  What does she do?  How does she serve God from what her husband done to their family?

I know the devastation is more than most will ever realize.  A church destroyed, a home vaporized, lives changed, children shocked, lives completely destroyed and redefined by sin.  And so I naturally ask, what about the wife?  How do we help her?  Who is she now?  What should she do?  Where does she go from here?  How does the church respond to her and her needs?  What now?

Let me invite you to share your stories and thoughts on this topic.  What now?  What about the pastor’s wife?  Share your experiences, comments and thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.