Praying for your church

I wonder…..just being honest here… many people pray for their church in times of crisis. A fall of a pastor feels so personal, so “about ME” that it’s often hard to keep our thoughts and emotions God dependent.

I wonder what would happen if we chose, as a body of believers, to gather and pray for our fallen pastor, for our struggling church. How would the days ahead change if we sought God in a time when the enemy seems to have won? How would our hearts change toward the pastor who sinned if we prayed for him, prayed for his wife and family…..prayed for the other woman?

Imagine a church on its knees in a time like this. I can see the hosts of heaven rallying around a church family who, in the midst of great pain and sin, pray and seek God. What would happen? What would change? What other sins would be prevented by a praying body when the pastor falls?

If you are in the midst of this as a church member I encourage you to make prayer your #1 priority. Encourage it in the body. Invite others to kneel with you before the throne of God and I think, in the midst of a great sin, you will find an even greater work of God.

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