The Pastor

The week after our earthquake, the revelation of our pastor’s sin, we invited another pastor and friend to speak.  He’s a well known pastor, radio speaker and friend to our ministry.  If I mentioned his name you would know him.  In his message he said something very important.  He said, “The pastor of this church is not gone.  He is still in charge, still here.  The pastor of this church is Jesus Christ.”

I’m sure I haven’t communicated his words as well as he did, but the point is this- even with the loss of a pastor to the sin of adultery this is still Christ’s church.  He is still the pastor, still the Lord.  He is still our head, still in charge.  Men and women serve him together, once in a while a pastor will fail his calling, but the pastor of the church, Jesus Christ, is still our head.

Far too often we put a gifted speaker, a loved pastor in a place of high honor and think he is more than he really is.  Each of us at our best is a fallen, broken man or woman trying to serve the God of creation.  Why God set things up this way amazes me.  He could easily do all of this much better himself, but he chooses to use us cracked pots and broken vessels to teach his word.  All this to say when a pastor falls look up, the true pastor of your church, Jesus Christ, is still in charge.  Trust him, seek him, and let him lead you through these difficult days.

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