Your experiences

Many are stopping by to read this blog.  That’s encouraging.

Many are suffering from the fall of a pastor.  That’s not encouraging.

Some don’t know what to do next…stay in the church, leave, give up on God completely.  That’s discouraging!

What is your experience?  What is happening in your life as you travel this difficult road?  Take a moment, if you stopped here on purpose, and share your story.  It helps others to know they are not alone in this difficult walk.

2 responses to “Your experiences

  1. I found out 2 weeks ago my husband, my pastor….has been talking to his ex girlfriend off and on for 4 yrs. He was pastor for 3 yrs. He slept with her in our home while I was away visiting family. We got married in this very house. I’m crushed. He has resigned. But our church has and still is struggling. Doors might even close. The deacon and our family are the only faithful members. I’m crushed over the loss of our place in the church I love. He is repented. And is working to make things better for himself and our marriage. But as far as the deacon goes…he runs that church. Even while my husband pastored…we don’t even have anybody now. And he won’t even show up on Sunday to unlock the door.

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