I wonder.  I think it’s true.  I wonder how often an affair is, in fact, a way to commit pastoral suicide.  The other woman is the gun and the results destroy a life, a family and a church.  I think it happens because a pastor finds himself overwhelmed and unable to keep up.  He’s over his head and sees no way out, so he commits a form of suicide that destroys everything.

Of course it’s not this simple. Nothing ever is, but having watched this for a while I wonder….is this one of the reason for the fall of a pastor?  Does a man find himself unable to keep up appearances, unable to keep it all going and maybe, without even realizing it, uses an affair to destroy everything?

In no way does this excuse the choices.  There are much better and healthier ways to leave a ministry, but I wonder…..

One response to “Suicide

  1. I think pastors do obviously have a lot of pressure in terms of how they need to be perceived and this can, definitely, lead to so much stress that they feel the need to release it somehow. The thing is, I think that sometimes it may be a lot more sordid than that, imagine, you have lived a perfect life with you probably perfect wife…maybe they need some excitement and a woman who is willing to do things their wife wouldn’t, maybe they just need to feel free.

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