Hope and healing

More than a year ago I got an e-mail from a pastor’s wife.  Her husband was discovered to be in an affair.  It destroyed their marriage and their church, but it didn’t destroy her.  We have corresponded often in the last 15 months as she has grieved, cried and healed. Last night this dear lady sent me a video, a moment of celebration.  She was invited to speak at the women’s conference at the church she now attends.  It was great to hear her speak, to see her share a bit of her story and God’s work in her life.

In spite of the sin of her husband, the failure of her marriage, the loss of ministry, she has walked with God, trusted him to heal her and grieved as she needed to.  Now God is opening new doors of ministry she never imagined.  It was wonderful to see her speak.  She talked about the failure of her marriage, the heartbreak and the anger everyone feels towards God when it happens. She also talked about God’s work in her life as she walked with him.

I can’t wait to see what God does in her life.  In spite of the devil’s best efforts to destroy this dear saint she is walking with God and trusting him to use her and he is!

Healing is possible. A new beginning is the way God works….he is a God of new beginnings and if we let him he will work in our lives, heal our pains, dry our tears and give us life once more. Is there ministry after an affair? Is there hope? Can God redeem what the devil has destroyed? YES! My friend is proof that God is a God of redemption and healing. I’m so proud of you Dawn!

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