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About one in five pastors will fall. That is a sad statistic, but real. That means thousands of people are wounded and affected by the sins of pastors. Many of you find your way here to get help. I hope some of the stories here have encouraged you. I hear from many that they have, and so may I invite you to help others by sharing your story as well? You might be wounded at the moment, hurting, angry, but your story will help others as they struggle to deal with the confusion and pain they feel.

Share your story and let’s see what God does with us together.

6 responses to “Share your story

  1. My wife cheating on me with our then pastor. I felt like she was taken advantage of because she was 20+ years his senior. Our families were close and at no point did I suspect it happened. They were both extremely good at covering their tracks. I was so hurt that it made me sick to my stomach. He had no respect in the sense that the affair occurred for several months and in the comfort of my own home without me knowing. How foolish was I? How could I not know? We did not stay at the church, but the worst part about it is I did not find out about the affair until over 1 ywear from it happening. I was angry and wanted to do something but counseling is always the best choice to make. There were signs that our marriage needed hlp, and in seeking this help, we went to our Pastor. Little did I know he used my wife in the vulnerable state that she was in. God have mercy on his soul.

  2. Bill, I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing your story. I will be praying for you and I pray God will restore your marriage. I’m sure the hurt, anger and bitterness towards this pastor….and in some ways, towards God is more than you can deal with. I’m glad you are in counseling. Just remember, this was a man who did this, not God. I hope you will pull in closer to the Lord through this, and yes, may God have mercy on this poor fallen pastor. He sure needs God’s grace and forgiveness in his own life, doesn’t he?

  3. My story is this a few months ago my wife’s phone dialed my number and I overheard a conversation between my wife and the pastor. He was making comments about her anatomy that as he say he was hearing from the men in the church and asking how she felt about that. Some of the things I overheard was inappropriate and I confronted him and her about it. He assured me that he had much too much respect for me and to god to ever cross that line. I accepted this and moved on. However, I did put an anti theft device on my wife’s phone. Low and behold I caught them in the act with the recording having sex in the church. This man betrayed my trust and I can never forgive him for it and to make matters worse he continues to preach at the pulpit like nothing ever happened. We are no longer members of that church and I’m trying with everything to give my wife another chance to fix our marriage. It’s just sad that pastors xan do this without anything happening to them. I honestly doubt I can ever trust another church or pastor again.

  4. Robert,

    I am so sorry to read your story! What a tragedy for you, your wife, your marriage and for the church that does not know what happened. First, for you, let me encourage you to get some counseling for you and your wife. It is critical that you two get help. It will be very hard to survive this if you don’t. Second, I want you to know that God will take care of this pastor. He does not like this kind of sin and he will deal with it. I promise! You will find, one day very soon, that the pastor has left, been found out, died of a heart attack or been shamed out of the ministry. It will happen, God will make sure of that.

    I assume, because you didn’t tell anyone, that he pretty much runs the church and does what he wishes. But God is sovereign and will deal with him. He WON’T get away with it.

  5. It really hurting to know that there are really pastors doing this kind of immoral act to their members. My real story that I too became a victiim of a pastor in our church my wife I have a missed understand due to job been busy , but were together going to church. My wife asked an advised to our pastor but it turn out to be wrong because the situation used by this man to get close to my wife and in this vulnerable situation he was to do things beyond as pastor should do. I was able to found out that he has an affair with my wife a couple of years ago it was really hurting that i been used to talk to these man, even if they a have an affair he keeps on preaching. This pastor has a wife and 4 children but he didnt think about the future of what the consequenses of the act. until now i dont know what to do i need an advise.

  6. Eric, I’m so sorry to read your story. A pastor should be someone you can trust, but when they sin…and do it with YOUR wife….it is very hard. Here’s some basics you need to do: 1. Go to the church leaders (not the pastor) and tell them what happened, 2. find another church, and 3. get counseling for you and your wife. You need a good Christian counselor to help you get through this terrible time.

    If you have any questions please ask them. I will do my best to help you.

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