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Finishing well

Is it possible to finish well after an affair?

Can a pastor find a place to serve God after this kind of moral failure?

That’s the unasked question, the topic no one wants to discuss.  We just want the fallen pastor to go away!  We don’t want to be reminded that we all struggle with sin.  There is in each of us the hope that at least our pastor has figured this “sin thing” out and has overcome it, but when they fall too who do we look to for a model of how to live?

The model has always been the same, it’s always been Christ.  Somehow we have looked to our pastors to model that Christ life for us and when they fall their sin reminds us how we struggle as well.

So, can a man who was a pastor and sinned through an affair find a way to finish well?  That’s the question my former pastor and I discussed recently.  It’s been almost seven years since his fall, but he’s excited about his faith, his walk with God and he plans to finish well.  I’m excited for him because I think he will!

Will he ever be a pastor again?  I have no idea, but wouldn’t it be grand if he could share all he’s learned with the body of Christ?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a man who fell to sin finish hand in hand with Christ in victory?  I’m excited for my friend because I see new life in his eyes, an excitement again.  I can’t wait to see what God does….after all, God has always been the God of second chances.

Can a pastor finish well after a moral failure? YES!  And through it the wonderful grace of God will be glorified.