Monthly Archives: December 2013

The end of another year

As we approach the end of another year I want to take a moment and reflect on my own thoughts and heart after more than seven years.  This site represents the emotions, pains, struggles and thoughts of a pastor on staff at a church where our dearly loved pastor fell.  There has been so much pain, so many alienated relationships, so much to deal with that words are lacking for all the devastation that has happened.

But, in spite of it all I have seen the hand of God as he has worked to heal, restore, grow and develop his people and continue to reach the world in spite of the enemies best attempts to destroy.  I think the thing that overwhelms me as I write this is the wonderful amazing grace of God that has met the pain, the hurts, the tears with forgiveness and healing.

In the end, and even now, God wins.  Sin may destroy, but God forgives, restores, rebuilds,  heals and loves.  Even in the midst of a painful loss like this the great love and grace of God overwhelms everything.

For that I am thankful and blessed.  I hope your new year is wonderful and rich with the love and grace that comes from Jesus Christ, our only savior!