Monthly Archives: January 2014


If you or your church has gone through the fall of a pastor then you know that one thing easily lost is hope.

The fall of a pastor is devastating.  It undermines more than we realize in our faith, in the family life of the church and in our lives as husbands and wives.

When hope is lost we flounder, struggle, lose sight of the main things and begin to squabble with each other.  Anger is a natural part of a loss of hope as well.  There are so many things that happen when hope is lost in a church.

The challenge for you as a Christian and for your church is to get your personal and corporate vision back on Christ.  He is our hope, our pastor and the leader of the church.  The pastor who fell leaves us floundering a bit, but quickly God throws out a life boat and reminds us to turn our eyes to him.

Hope is renewed when we focus our sites back on Christ.  It’s his church after all and he will shepherd us through the difficult days.  This loss of hope theme makes me think of the disciples in the middle of the lake with a storm all around and Jesus asleep in the back.  They come to him, wake him and ask, “Don’t you care that we are drowning??”  And his response is to speak to the storm, calm their fears and amaze them.

When hope is lost realize it’s because you had your eyes on the wrong one.  Turn your eyes to Jesus.  He does care that you feel like you are drowning.  He will help you and heal you.  He is our hope!