Monthly Archives: September 2014

I know the right thing to do, but…..

This week I got a call from a man who attended our church.  He called because he’s in an affair with another woman and doesn’t know what to do.  We talked for an hour and he said, “I know the right thing to do, but….”  and with those words he rambled off into God’s forgiveness, we all make mistakes, and this honest admission….”I know the right thing to do, but I’m going to stay with the other woman….and I know God will forgive me.”

I have heard this story too many times to tell you, but one thing is true…and I tell every man this…”You will never find happiness disobeying God.”  It just isn’t there.  He doesn’t reward disobedience.  The damage and fallout for sin is like a tornado…it destroys everything in its wake.

When we sin and give ourselves permission with, “I know God will forgive me….” we are saying to God “I will not obey you, so get over it.”  Honestly he does forgive us, but I have to tell you, and I told my friend this earlier in the week, the damage from that choice will be more than you could ever imagine.

You will never find happiness disobeying God.