Monthly Archives: December 2014

The end of another year

2014 is near the end.  For us, at our church, it’s been eight years since our pastor’s fall.  It’s hard to believe!

Our church has changed dramatically!  It’s smaller.  Many of those who were part of our family eight years ago are gone, new people have come.  These new people have in idea what happened.  History fades, memories are flooded with new thoughts, new things to remember and the kingdom goes on.

One thing I realize, and after a bit I think you will too if this has happened to your church, is that God is still the head of the church, he will still be glorified and his kingdom will march on…no matter what one man, even a pastor, does.

Trust God in the new year, serve him well, pray for your hurting people, pray for the fallen pastor and his wife.  God will work, you will see it….and over time…not right now, but soon, you will forget about all the pain you felt when the pastor fell and your heart was torn in two.

I look forward to a new year and the wonderful work on God in my life and yours.  He is so good!