Monthly Archives: July 2015

New days

This year, as the calendar goes, it will be 9 years since our earthquake and the fall of our pastor.

As I reflect on it now it seems like a distant memory.  Some remember, most don’t think about it and life goes on.

Our former pastor is a close friend, married the other woman, works a secular job but still loves God.  We meet weekly, and every other week for an in-depth bible study.  We never talk about it any more.  Who would want to?

Sadly, I’ve become an expert on this topic, one I never wished to experience.  Behind it all is a loving God caring for his church of broken people.  Scars linger, but God works in spite of sin.  Memories fade and new memories seem more important.  The pain is gone, but once in a while I’ll look at the “scars” of the experiences in my own life and remember.

And I see….after these many years…that God works all things for our good, his glory and the salvation of lost men.  Our sins might disrupt the work, but they will never stop it.  God wins, lost men are saved, the enemy is defeated and the kingdom grows.

So, in the midst of your pain in this moment take a breath and relax, God still rules. God will work.  It’s not the end of the world….a great God is king of everything and it will be well!