Monthly Archives: August 2016

10 years

This fall, in fact next month, it will be 10 years since the fall of our pastor.  You may ask, “why are you still writing about it?”  I write about it to let you know that you will survive, your church may not be the same, but God will work, Christ will still be pastor of your church and in spite of the pain today there is hope for tomorrow.

At the 10  year marker I think I’ve said enough on this topic to help you as you navigate your own “earthquake” for your church.  If you find yourself at this site because you are looking for help I think you will find it here.  Read the posts, look for what you need, send me an e-mail if you need help or just need advice.  I have been blessed to help many as they have worked through the pain of their own church disaster.

Thank you for stopping by.