10 years

This fall, in fact next month, it will be 10 years since the fall of our pastor.  You may ask, “why are you still writing about it?”  I write about it to let you know that you will survive, your church may not be the same, but God will work, Christ will still be pastor of your church and in spite of the pain today there is hope for tomorrow.

At the 10  year marker I think I’ve said enough on this topic to help you as you navigate your own “earthquake” for your church.  If you find yourself at this site because you are looking for help I think you will find it here.  Read the posts, look for what you need, send me an e-mail if you need help or just need advice.  I have been blessed to help many as they have worked through the pain of their own church disaster.

Thank you for stopping by.



2 responses to “10 years

  1. Cheryl Washington

    How long does a pastor sit down after his affair and body parts appear on Facebook ? And if he lives in the church parsonage does he continue to live there and we paid the expense, or should he be asked to step down receive some help for a certain amount of time and then once he has finished the counseling see what advances he’s made and then place them back in the home that belongs to the church where he pays nothing but the PG&E which is Gas and Electric. Due to the pastors misusing the church in that area this pastor has only been here 2 years and the church voted to pay all bills except PG&E and phone bill we pay the church phone bill so any church business must be conducted at the church on the church’s phone in order for us to pay for it. Most pastors these days have cell phones and long-distance is free from there anyway thank you for your help and your love and hospitality my sister Washington truly appreciate it if you can answer these questions before Thursday it would be muchly appreciated we are to have a family meeting Thursday pm at 7 and I’d like to have some good Godly answers for the body. I will not be telling them where I have gotten my wonderful God given information other than to say it was given by the Holy Ghost thank you

    • Cheryl, thank you for your note and your e-mail. What a difficult topic! Let me answer your questions as you posted them above. You asked, “How long does a pastor sit down after his affair and body parts appear on Facebook?” Wow, I have never heard that question! I would suggest this is a church leadership issue, but he should sit down from the pulpit and his ministry for a time the leadership determines to ensure repentance, reconciliation, and perhaps, if these are real and genuine, restoration can happen. the shortest time I would recommend is 6 months to a year. You asked about housing, phone, and other financial issues. Those are issues your church leadership needs to address, but clearly a pastor who has had an affair should be dismissed from his role for a period of time to seek help, counsel, healing and restoration. His sin should have consequences and that means, for a period of time, he should find other employment as he works through these issues. In other words, I would recommend you fire this man from his role as pastor. Perhaps, after a time of healing, he could be brought back, but that is an issue your leadership will have to address, pray over and decide. For the time being there should be a separation from the church so the church can heal and begin to rebuild. Your situation is very sad to read and it will demand that the church make wise, godly and tough decisions. I will be praying for you all.

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