Again I face the fall of a pastor.  Each time I have to deal with this in a church, in a life, it’s hard.  It’s messy!  Lives are shattered, tears are shed, families are destroyed and faith is shaken.

I think that is the very reason Paul warns Timothy, “FLEE immorality!”  It destroys far more than we could ever imagine and we can never make it right again.

Maybe this should be the first lessons for any new pastor.  Here is what I would tell them,

  1. Sex is enticing, exciting, fun….for a moment in time.
  2. You are a target
  3. You will be tempted
  4. Sexual sin outside of your marriage as a pastor is a sin
  5. The price is far higher than you know
  6. The tears are more than you can imagine
  7. The damage will never be repaired “as it was before”
  8. It’s not worth it!!!!
  9. If you think you can “get away with it” you are wrong!
  10. FLEE sexual sin

There’s my short list.  Every pastor taking a new church needs this drilled into his head.  In one of my early churches I had several women “chasing me.”  I was scared to death of the sins that would result and ran for dear life.  But a few years later I left the ministry for some time away in business and suddenly the attention from women stopped.  I realized, to my surprise, that it was my position they were drawn to and not me.

This is spiritual warfare and it is one of the most effective weapons of the enemy.  If he can get you, as a pastor, to fall then he destroys much more than one life, much more.

So, what I say to anyone thinking about the lure of sex outside of marriage is this, “FLEE!!!!!  Run for your life.”


2 responses to “Again….

  1. I came across this as I sometimes delve into reading about when Pastor’s fall, in 2014 , it is now 2018. I attended an incredible Mega Church, our beloved Pastor fell, this was my home church for 24 years and I just left a few months ago. Our Pastor fell 4 years ago !!! We of course were not a perfect Church, but wow we were a on fire Church in south florida, with like over 9 plus satellite Church’s having the message of our Pastor beamed over !!! I am the odd one out, I had the most deepest sadness , I was shocked and overwhelmed, but I could not be angry or mad or anything, all I could feel was compassion.??? Four years later, all I still feel is compassion toward this man who was a husband, a father, a mentor a pastor our leader. I had compassion for his wife and children. I witnessed a death, not a physical one but a spiritual one. I never saw so much HATE and UN FORGIVENESS ??? Still to this day, but I also know the MANY who have continued to pray and love this fallen man who fell in to satan;s scheme and want him to teach again. He was quite anointed to where marketing people and so many wanted to meet with him to find out what his secret was in drawing the masses to this warehouse church as it first started. !!! He simply had the gift and the anointing to teach that can only come from our Creator. I just left the church, in November 2017, I do not like the direction the church has gone in, seeker sensitive, seeker friendly, they have been so busy changing the church and hiring a marketing firm and making the church into like a ” south florida attraction ” most of the time the Cross is covered, or camoflouged , least we offend someone maybe ?? I do not know what their game is !!! I left because they are always on a T shirt kick, they told I could not serve after 22 years of serving at my Home Church unless I wore this big ugly white T shirt that said what ever. Anyway I call these church’s that are going in this direction of some sort of new age vibe or worldly direction the end time churches, When the House of the Lord looks more like the World than a Sanctuary, the House of the Lord, then its time for me to move on because I am not on board. If you have to do all that, have gimmicks and all the hoop la to draw people in to hear about Jesus , you have to wonder in your spirit , what is going on ??? I am not sure the Lord is happy with HIS HOUSE looking much like the ways of the world, sometimes the Pulpit looks like a disco, ???? I love all the Worship music , but do we need all the other stuff ??? I now attend a non denominational Church, that looks like a Church. It will never be the same, I miss my Church, I miss my beloved Pastor that God used to help me surrender , I am sad, my Pastor’s fall did not shake my faith, WHY, because he warned us about times such as these. I was shaken, but not moved. If this man would teach somewhere even if it were just a small Bible Study somewhere I would be there. Until then , I pray that people would find understanding and forgiveness , he is flesh, yes called to a higher calling, so his fall from grace was deadly for sure, . so many people are still so angry, as if they do not sin. Yes I know when a famous Pastor falls , it is hard to take it all in, but it happens , we are not GOD, we are sinners saved by grace. Get the hate out of your heart and forgive those just as Christ forgives us. Amen

    • Kathy, thank you for your comments. I know the pastor you speak of and yes, he was a great teacher. I, like you, loved his teaching. I was shocked by his fall. It is clear our enemy can do more damage by destroying one man than by destroying a hundred others.

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